About Me

I am Kate, once Kat. I enjoy corps-ing peace and (American) football. Here’s what you need to know:

X – Vegas born and raised.

O – I left my heart in Oregon. Specifically, I left my heart in Autzen Stadium.

X – United States Peace Corps Volunteer: Education sector, TEFL. Serving in Albania.

O – Extreme moderate.

X – Sarcastic optimist.

O – 30 Rock purist.

X – History buff nerd.

O – Would-be fashionista.

X – Self-proclaimed foodie.

O – Non-commital fitness junkie.

X – Singledom aficionado.

O – Animal lover–excluding cockroaches, scorpions, and spiders.

X – Lover of anything Tolkein, Nolan, Kanye, or Tina Fey.

O – I laugh at everything, including (and especially) myself.


14 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi Kat,
    I found your blog through Jill’s recent post. I feel like I know you just through your PeaceCorps service with Jill. Now, I have found so much about you through your blog. You are amazing! I hate to say this cliche, but I will anyway–“You Go Girl”! ❤
    Thanks from Jill's mom,

  2. Kathryn,
    you are an amazing young woman and I am grateful to your Dad for sharing your blog. I so enjoy reading them. I worked for you dad for many years and I admire him more than I can tell you. I watched him, in awe, as he built the transit system for Las Vegas and provided great jobs for a lot of people, including myself. Thanks to him I was able to retire and return my my real love, studying music. I wish you all God’s blessings and hope you will pursue politics because our country is in dire need of young people like you. Keep those blogs coming!

  3. Impressive to read your comment about Albanians. “Detailed” summary! For how long you’re working there? (just kidding! I did not mean to ask you that question!). You can probably tell, that I am an Albanian. I live in US since 2000 (NJ). It is interesting to see the differences in different societies. A lot of stuff that I noticed here too that I am adjusting too. Never got time to write a blog about it. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your service! (I have some contacts in Albania too, which I will make it available if you needed. My email: rkardhashi@yahoo.com). Thanks, Renard

  4. Good to run into your blog. I have left part of my heart in Oregon too. If you’re ever in Tirana we should meet. Good luck with everything and keep the posts coming. It’ms always interesting to read a foreigner’s perspective on Albania.

  5. You have made my night! I live in Seattle, Wa and I’m Albanian from Vlora, my name is Eri. When I read your blog it made me lough so hard and at the same time a little homesick. I do am a polite Albanian though, that my sister tease me every time I visit. I say please and thank you at everything! I hope you are having a good time and enjoying yourself there, you won’t have that much of a hard time reintegrating. I do it every time I visit, and I usually am there for only two weeks, some things though that you are learning will stay with you forever, cuq cuq cuq (tsk) you’ll never forget. Where are you in Albania? My sisters live in Tirana, and one of them works with slow mentally developed children, that’s one thing that in Albania we need to develop, she’s a teacher. Best of luck!!! Mirë u dëgjofshim.

    • Hi Eri! My name is Joselito and I also live in the Seattle area. I also enjoy following Kate’s blog and reading some of the comments there. Persons like Kate and your sister who works with slow mentally developed children are very admirable. It gives hope to many to hear of good persons like them. This is the first time I reply to a commenter as I believe you’re also a good person like your sister. I thought I’d stop by and thank you for your comment. Seattle is a pretty big city where almost everybody is too busy working. Would you know any restaurants around that serve Albanian foods? I could check Yelp, but what do you think? I love taking my friends out to try different foods, when I can grab them out of their routines or hamster wheels. Thanks again and Happy Day!

  6. Hello, we’re PeshkuPaUjë, an online, albanian blogosphere community/space since 2003.
    We are expanding to non-albanian blogs around and we’d like to add your blog feed to our list. Would you mind if I add this feed to Peshku? I remind you that there will be possible [moderated] discussion about your posts. If you have any questions you can reply to my email.


  7. Hi Kate,
    I don’t know where to start and what do I say. I’m an Albanian-American living in NY now for 20yrs. I’m originally from Korca.
    I came accross your blog as a post on my friends FB page.
    I like very much the way you write. I can relate with a lot of things you have mentioned about life in Albania and your slow assimilation into it.
    You come accross very brave and wise.
    Something in my gut really connected with your writing. I don’t know at exactly what point, but i think its the fact how you’ve come to understand and apreciate Albania and Albanian culture. Its been difficult for me always to try to have people, even my close friends understand what Albanian is all about. The little nuances of the culture you touch upon in your writing are amazing. It made me laugh when I read about your host family going through your things when you were not home, or how Aldi showed you what wedding dress you liked.:-)
    Please keep up the good work, great writing and thank you for all the work that you’re doing to help my country.
    Keep in touch.


  8. I’m so happy to have found your webpage. Now I can easily explain my culture just but sharing your blog. This is my second year in the US, currently a sophomore in college, and as you said it “You can take a teenager out of Albania, you can’t take Albanian out of a teenager”, I really can’t ignore the Albanian part in me. I find your blogs absolutely amazing as I’ve always wanted to know a foreigner’s view on Albania. I can’t believe how you managed to turn into a word that stupid noise, “mmthhschhk”. LOL
    I would love to keep in touch with you. I might have some good tips to help you with you Albanian experience, as well as you might have some for me.
    I’m looking forward for your TED talk at TEDx Tirana.

    Fatlum (a.k.a. LUCKY)

  9. Hi Kate! I just want to thank you for your recent post “Thief of Joy’. It’s just what I needed this morning, and passed it on to my friends hoping it will help them, too!

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