Good post by my sitemate noting some of the things that have changed in the short time that we’ve been in Albania.

Holy Shqip Xhilli is in Albania

Things in Albania are constantly changing, whether it is new businesses popping up around town or shifting directors at the schools because of a recent switch in political power. Sometimes as a foreigner, who speaks the language at the level of a small child, it can be hard to keep up. It seems as though for many of these changes, I am often last to know. It’s like every Albanian magically knows that the furgon station in our city moved for no apparent reason or that this cafe is now just 100 ft below it’s old location. Here are some of the some of the most obvious changes I have noticed in Albania over the past year:


  • Like I mentioned businesses are constantly coming and going in this country. My daily walk to the Directory of Public Health (DShP) is about 10-15 minutes depending on how fast I decide…

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